viernes, 22 de julio de 2011


Unit 11 clothing

1 Makes: treats patients.
2 Where he works: in a hospital, clinic.
3 What is your occupation: Doctor.
4 What is your personality: Nice, intelligent, safe.

1 Makes: Advocates for people with.
2 Where he works: Court, prosecution, in his own office.
3 What is your occupation: Lawyer
4 What is your pesonality: Intelligent, certain seriuos.

1 Makes: Teaches the student.
2 Where he works: In a school, university.
3 What is your occupation: Teacher
4 What is your pesonality: Intelligent, Friendly, pleasant.

1 Makes: Manage documents.
2 Where he works: In offices, and schools, shopping, conpanies.
3 What is your occupation: Adminitration.
4 What is your pesonality: Intelligent, ordely.  

Be Happy
Eleidy Morillo.

GUACO - Lo Eres Todo. own video

I like this video because it is a letter that talks about honesty and  how special it is one person to anothe

My Favorite part:
You're everything to me ...! My reason to live

Be Eleidy Morillo

miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011


A:  Hey Islany.
B:  Hi Eleidy . come in !
A: Hey this is a good home
B: Yeat, and it´s only bf 1ooo a month
A: Really ¿ that´s not bat ! how many rooms are there?
B: There are five. There a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bathoom and my bedroom.
A: Is there a garage.
B: Yes, I have garage.
A: That´s great !                                      

viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

my favorite room

My favorite room is my bedroom.
I like it because I have my privacy and do not touch my thing
I work there, I hear music, watch TV and sleep


1  The bed is in the middle.
2  Under the bed are the sandals and rug.
3  Front of the bed is the TV.
4  In the cabinet I keep my bag I put my books, films and other things.
  Above is a picture of the furniture that I like.

Be happy Eleidy Morillo

Room description




Living room

 Be Happy
Eleidy Morillo